Acne/Pimples Treatment

Acne/Pimples Treatment


Acne or pimples can start around adolescence,an age of around 14 and last till the age of 30 yrs in some.

For pimples, after detailed investigation, investigations, patient is put on the package of 6 months to 9 mths, which includes consultations, medications, procedures.

The Procedures done depending on the severity and grade of acne is as follows and carried out every 10 days.

Problems: Acne and Acne Scars are commonly seen problems in teenagers and young adults. But some people have the unfortunate hormonal constitution of facing acne related problems throughout their life. A recurring acne problem not only instigates irreparable damage to the skin but also to the mental condition of the sufferer. Some of the most commonly faced problems related to acne are :

1. Recurrent acne outburst on face and other areas of the body like chest and back

2. Atrophic scars – superficial scars in the infected and surrounding area; formed after acne heals

3. Ice-pick scars – Very deep rooted scars formed after acne heals

4. Redness and skin inflammation due to acne

5. Deformation and disfigurement of tissue surrounding acne